Guided Van / Bus Tours of Kalaupapa - 

We provide One-4-hour guided-tour on our school bus.  You must be age 16 and over to take this tour. Tour is closed on Sundays, and some State and Federal Holidays. Please check available dates on our website to better assist in planning your trip.  Tour price includes your Permit of Sponsorship into Kalaupapa.  Price does not include transportation to and from Kalaupapa.

Points of interest - Kalaupapa

* St. Marianne’s Grave and Monument ​              *Bay View Home                         *Hospital Ruin’s         *Brother Joseph Dutton’s Monument                 *Fuesaina’s Bar                         *St. Francis Church      *Visitor’s Quarters                                  *Long House                             *Wilcox Memorial Building 

*National Park Service Head Quarters                *Bishop Home for Girls                 *Paschoal Hall                 *Craft Store                                           *Post Office                             *Kalaupapa Lions Club Den    

*Kalaupapa Barge Boat/Barge Landing              *Old Stone Church/Fire Station          *Athletic Field           

*Staff Row (Kokua Quarters)                         *Kalaupapa Store                        *Bookstore

Points of interest - Kalawao 

*St. Philomena Church               *Siloama Protestant Church *Brother Joseph Dutton Grave Site               *Old Hospital Ruin’s                  *Kalawao Picnic Grounds   *Old grave cites of the first Leprosy colony   

*St. Damien's Grave Site

The Kalaupapa trail can be physically demanding for most, muddy, raining, and may not be suitable for all. Flying in to Kalaupapa would require visitors to walk from the airport toward Kalaupapa Town Participating in any form of this activity is at your own risk. 

We Suggest wearing comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Using insect repellent and sunscreen.  Bring your own box lunch and water as there are no stores or restaurants for visitors in Kalaupapa.  If time permits, the tour guide may stop by Fuesaina’s Bar – where items such as soft drinks, iced coffees, snacks, and ice cream may be purchased. Fuesaina's Bar only accepts Cash - bring bills no larger than $20 USD.  ​

Exclusive Tours - Interested in creating a specialized tour to fit your personal or group needs? Contact Us Now to create your Kalaupapa Experience - (808) 567-6171

​How to get to Kalaupapa:
By air - Flying in to and out of Kalaupapa 
Hiking - You can Hike in and out of Kalaupapa via Pali Trail. 

Take any one of the above for some of the most picturesque scenery in Hawaii, and a day to truly remember!

Note: Inform the airlines that your Permit to Kalaupapa is being Sponsored by Damien Tours owner, and Resident - Patient, Gloria Marks.  


Photo Credit: Nicole C., 2015

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