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Aloha and Welcome!  Experience a one-of-a-kind memorable tour of the world renowned Kalaupapa Leprosy Colony, on the island of Moloka'i.  Enjoy a casual guided scenic and historic tour of Kalawao and Kalaupapa Settlements, and go where St. Damien De Veuster and St. Marianne Cope walked, labored, provided loving care, and spiritual guidance to those afflicted with Leprosy.  

Visit the site of the original colony, where St. Damien is buried, and step inside the church he built - St. Philomena.  Stop by St. Marianne's grave and monument, St. Francis Church, the monument to Damien by the children of England, and more.  Capture picturesque views of the grandeur of the Moloka'i cliffs, the famous Kalawao Lookout, and enjoy the graceful beauty of this special place. 

Hele Mai, come and visit us, listen to the history of those long gone, and explore St. Damien's Kalaupapa - where beauty is unmarred by modern progress.